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Team Hedgehog

Posted by Michael Eberra on July 27, 2013 at 11:15 AM Comments comments (0)

One more kids sonic themed shoe completed. These were for a client who wanted to have these shoes done for his son. His birthday is was within weeks of taking the order. (Can you say crunch time lol) got them completed one day before the party just in time to Express mail them so his son would have a Great one of a kind gift. With all the popular sonic themed shoes floating around my site lately he found an idea that his son would love. I chose a base shoe i was familiar with and I switched up the colors for that 1 of 1 touch. Using a New color called dark Tiffany blue w/matching laces, makes the overall sneaker pop. Fianlly, At request he wanted me to add his son's name to one of the shoes for a really personal feel.

Completed (2013) -commissioned by Jose C.



Hedgehog Showdown

Posted by Michael Eberra on July 21, 2013 at 6:35 PM Comments comments (0)

Hey everyone, posting these custom sonic themed dunks I finished for one of my return customer. It seems lately i've been getting tones of request for Sonic the Hedgehog shoes this year, (its okay... ill be dubed the sonic customizer lol) But these really excited me. Well for one they didn't feature Sonic at all lol. Their his counter parts Shadow and Silver the Hedgehog. My customer is somewhat of a collector of sonic memorabilia, and wanted to have another -VS- pair done for his collection. So i guess its safe to say, they most likely wont ever be worn. which is okay with me, i still make sure every pair i do is 100% wearable even if it'll just sit on display :)

okay to start off, going with a silver and black theme to match the colors of the two characters, I used silver for the toe and silver and black for the infamous checker board pattern. First we'll start with Silver the Hedgehog, I chose this pose because one of his main powers is telekinetic ability's where he has a glow of light which flows from his gloves. To add to that detail i actually made the rings on his gloves glow n the dark as they would when he uses his powers. Secondly for Shadow the Hedgehog i wanted a super dramatic pose for him. But he's an "in your face" attitude kinda guy so i've got him zoomed in close giving you the what for lol.

To tie everything all together, i found some checker board laces i knew would be perfect for this shoe..... to back track a bit, i actually got the whole idea of this colorway from the laces themselves. Cause at first i never really know what to expect and walking through the store one day i saw the laces and it hit me! All the ideas just started pouring into my mind. Its always the little things that make a great inspiration turn into a great idea. So there you have it, "Hedgehog Showdown".

completed (2013) -commissioned by "Gary K."



Emerald Guardian's

Posted by Michael Eberra on May 31, 2013 at 10:10 PM Comments comments (1)

Moving through the second quarter of this year has been pretty good for me. With another installment of this sonic the hedgehog craze comes the first Knuckles the Echidna custom. All the way from the UK my client said he's a collector of all things hedgehog with his fav character being knuckles. So to start this off he instructed me that he would really love to have a knuckles VS chaos themed sneaker. I went with a simply design cause i knew it could get a little over done. The colors i choose were light blue, and medium grey.

For Chaos, I went with his second form where he adsorbs the yellow and red chaos emeralds. I wanted  him to be interactive with the flow of the shoe so i've got him stretching over the Swoosh. As an added touch my client really wanted to have an outline around both knuckles and chaos to glow-n-the dark. Now as for Knuckles i went with a dramatic attack pose. Most poses you'll find online of him will be of him standing looking tough.... But i really liked this one i found cause it reminded me of the old comic book days where all you saw when reading was "Flying KNUCKLES" (YES pun is intended lol). Going with the same idea as Chaos... I have him leaping over the swoosh with a striking punch. Adding a small touch of detail i painted the stitching red in the mid-sole to match the red laces.

Feeling a need to add a little something extra to the over all look of the shoe. I lucked up and came across a pair of identical knuckles pins. And the coolest factor was they are the same exact pose i chose to paint knuckles in, so i had to get them. With that i entitled these customz "Emerald Guardians". I choose this name because both Knuckles and Chaos are guardians of the emeralds. In the Alter Echidna days Chaos was the overseer of all the Chaos emerald and with Knuckles the lone protector of the floating island is the Guardian of the Great Master Emerald.

completed (2013) -commissioned by "Gary K."



Gen Team Sonic

Posted by Michael Eberra on April 13, 2013 at 6:00 PM Comments comments (0)

Here we go on yet another sonic Custom sneaker. Looks like im fastly becoming known for my sonic custom work LOL might have to dub myself as the "The Hedgehog Customizer". Its only fitted.... some sneaker customizers are known for color flips, some for a unique custom style, some for new and innovative designs. Me.... i do sonic customz :). This time for a 6yr old boy! His mom contacted me after scouring & searching the internet for the perfect birthday gift and came across my Sonic Genz i did. She told me he is a Huge sonic fan as well. I went with the the Generation sonic theme as before placing old school & new school sonic together. Switching color schemes up a bit i still went with Blue/Black/ and Red as the main colors. Using Red as the focus was the best choice for the checkerboard. It make's the pattern pop 10x more.The tongue tag was orange as well as the heel stitching so i had to go in and paint it red to match the rest of the design. I Went with a more laid back flow this time and kept it simple. leaving the last touch of the SEGA logo on the heel in its true blue glory. I named these customs "Gen Team Sonic" short for Generation Team Sonic cause as fans, we're all apart of team sonic.


completed (2013) -commissioned by "Leslie L"



New Event: KCSneakfest

Posted by Michael Eberra on March 14, 2013 at 10:35 AM Comments comments (0)

Looking For Somewhere to catch the hottest sneaker releases you may have missed? Or wanna see what all the Hype is over the newest Jordans? Come Out to KcSole's KCSneakfest and see what its all about. Sneaker-head or not your sure to have a good time. And You Know mEberraCustomz is going to be in the Building to Showcase a few of my Custom sneaker as well. Come Get an up close and personal view of my custom work, questions answered, or any info you might want.

Who: KcSole

What: KCSneakfest

When: March 23rd, 1PM - 7PM

Where: Kansas City Municipal Auditorium

Ticket Info:

3 Years Old!!!

Posted by Michael Eberra on March 1, 2013 at 8:55 PM Comments comments (0)

Greetings all, March symbolizes my Continued efforts and success as a Custom Sneaker Designer. mEberraCustomz has reached yet another year..... 3year's to be exact That means another year of great things to come and awesome Experiences to await. I'm so thankful of each and everyone of you that supports and love what I do.

As a Special Thank You to all, I will be giving everyone a 20% discount to my web-store! That's right Absolutely anything in my store for the whole month of March is Eligible to the discount.

At the end of check out, just apply the discount code: "3strong" to your cart. And your 20% discount will be applied.

----------> WEBSTORE <--------------

Again Thank You,

Newly Added Accessories

Posted by Michael Eberra on February 3, 2013 at 5:30 PM Comments comments (0)

Hey just Got some New additions to the Webstore. Introducing a full line of custom Beaded Breaclete's. Go over and check out whats available. plus keep a look out for even more hot accessories to go along with your custom needs. Heres a sneak peek at what you can find.




A few samples:


(Quake Bracelet)

(Healing Howlite Bracelet)

Diva Urban Camo

Posted by Michael Eberra on January 7, 2013 at 10:30 PM Comments comments (0)

Ok let's start off by saying, Happy New Year. These's customs were made as a Christmas gift for my girlfriend. Her favorite color is pink and she has a thing for Camo. So what better way to combine the two. But there's a slit problem.... I only had 3 days to completely have the shoes Preped, Painted, Cleaned & Touched up, Packaged, and Wrap for the tree. Not easy to do when 2 of those three days she was home.....

(Activate NINJA MODE)

So to start off I laid down a coat of light Shell Pink, and shades of pink. Then I Added shade mixtures of Purple and I was set. I looked up some common non-clashing Camouflage pattens. After searching I settled with "US Woodlands" style camo.

I needed to brake up the panels a bit. So I used darker shades on the heel and lighter shades on the front portions of the shoe. After completing all the paint, Next I wanted to add an extra feature to accompany the customs. A custom hand-made Beaded Bracelet. I used Premium High Quality glass beads and with Nylon and pink beading cord. I hand picked each bead to perfectly match the color way of the shoes. 8mm Pink Rhodonite & 8mm Hematite's were selected. As the center peace, I chose a 10mm glass Crystal Quartz shattered bead. For an added custom feature, I hand carved 100% Real Applewood and burned my insignia into it for a custom hang tag.

With all the pink over taking these customs, they faded way from the Woodland Camo Scheme and towards the urban Camo look. So I dubbed them "Diva Urban Camo". Turns out they were a perfect gift and anyone getting a unique pair of mEberraCustomz doesn't stand a chance not to be wowed :-)

Click HERE to Check out the youtube vid of me painting theses 1 of 1 customz

The base Nike Air Cardio before being customized.

Instagram site

Posted by Michael Eberra on December 26, 2012 at 10:10 PM Comments comments (0)

Hey Guess what?! I've finally cave in and joined Instagram :P. Took a bit to do it but the peer presure consumed me to add photo's of what you may see going on behind the sences. Catch me doing little side projects, new ideas, and just plan ol Art. Follow me on instagram and see whats going down.


2012 Holiday Special & GIVEAWAY

Posted by Michael Eberra on November 24, 2012 at 10:05 PM Comments comments (0)

Okay the time is here! I'm doing a holiday Special and Give-away. So here it is, "The Hunt Is On" I have been placing special QR Barcode's around the the city. Your job is to find one, and smartphone scan it with an app like "Red Laser". Email me the code word to ([email protected]) and you'll be entered in a drawing for a $15 iTunes gift card. I'll collect all the entry names and randomly draw one winner. Give-away will end December 21st 2012, I will be drawing the name of the winner December 22nd 2012. so till the Good luck and happy holidays.

(Heres what the QR codes look like)

(This could be yours)