Tidal Eclipse

Posted by Michael Eberra on April 26, 2012 at 11:20 PM


Okay I'll start off by saying. It took a bit of research to pull this off. The inspiration came from another well known group of customizer's that appeared to use this style/technique to accomplish the "Raised and textured" feel to a shoe". The theme behind the design is the Ocean & Moon's relationship with each other. Which is why I've named these lows, " Tidal Eclipse".


So after looking months for the perfect material I could add the the leather and achieve the effect I was wanting. I found a product that bonds and is paint able. Using ocean references, I got to work trying to create small ripples and waves onto the shoe's. Which were added to the toe box and side panels. The base shoe started out a low teal shade of blue. Going with that, I add different shades of teal to complement the concept.


Moving to achieve the full moon look I was wanting I turned to the swooshes. I was able to get the look I was going for with small details. I then added a sandy texture to it for added effect. Now what's a full moon with out the glow!? Using this technique before... on another pair of customs I did (ie. Hatake kalikicks) I was able to get a nice glow. The picture's don't do it justice as if seeing them in person.


Lastly, I always try different lace patterns with every pair of customs I do. For these I added sailor knots to go along with the ocean theme. Plus I strung on some decorative teal with black swirl beads on the laces. Then continued with a lace style call sawtooth lacing. Thanks for checking my work out and I appreciate the support.

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