Hedgehog Showdown

Posted by Michael Eberra on July 21, 2013 at 6:35 PM

Hey everyone, posting these custom sonic themed dunks I finished for one of my return customer. It seems lately i've been getting tones of request for Sonic the Hedgehog shoes this year, (its okay... ill be dubed the sonic customizer lol) But these really excited me. Well for one they didn't feature Sonic at all lol. Their his counter parts Shadow and Silver the Hedgehog. My customer is somewhat of a collector of sonic memorabilia, and wanted to have another -VS- pair done for his collection. So i guess its safe to say, they most likely wont ever be worn. which is okay with me, i still make sure every pair i do is 100% wearable even if it'll just sit on display :)

okay to start off, going with a silver and black theme to match the colors of the two characters, I used silver for the toe and silver and black for the infamous checker board pattern. First we'll start with Silver the Hedgehog, I chose this pose because one of his main powers is telekinetic ability's where he has a glow of light which flows from his gloves. To add to that detail i actually made the rings on his gloves glow n the dark as they would when he uses his powers. Secondly for Shadow the Hedgehog i wanted a super dramatic pose for him. But he's an "in your face" attitude kinda guy so i've got him zoomed in close giving you the what for lol.

To tie everything all together, i found some checker board laces i knew would be perfect for this shoe..... to back track a bit, i actually got the whole idea of this colorway from the laces themselves. Cause at first i never really know what to expect and walking through the store one day i saw the laces and it hit me! All the ideas just started pouring into my mind. Its always the little things that make a great inspiration turn into a great idea. So there you have it, "Hedgehog Showdown".

completed (2013) -commissioned by "Gary K."



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