Thanos: Infinity Gaunlet

Thanos: Infinity Gaunlet

An astronomical POWER bracelet! Become Thano's with the power of all 6 Infinity Stones. Have a piece of the action with the power of the galaxy around your wrist. Inspired by the hit movie infinity war, this infinity gauntlet themed bracelet from the marvel series features premium design and styling with all 6 infinity stones.

Handmade Natural Semi-precious Gemstone's

4mm Gold Hematite

7mm Gray Hawaiian Lava Rock

Large chip (Purple) Amethyst

Large chip (Green) Aventurine

Large chip (Yellow) citrine

Medium chip (Red) Tigereye _heated

Medium chip (Red) Aventurine

Medium chip (Blue) aquamarine _heated

Golden Hill Tribe Toggle Clasp

Wrapped in premium Nylon Cord