mEberra took my order for a pair of custom af1 mids, which I wanted designed with the theme of Kanada's bike from the anime movie Akira, and made the phattest pair of kicks I've ever seen. He even posted them to Australia for me, and they arrived in perfect condition. If you're looking for custom kicks and don't wanna get ripped off, this is definitely the guy for you. Very friendly and proffessional, I will not hesitate to get another pair when I think of something else I want.
Thanks Mate


These are definitely the sickest pair of shoes I own! Worked well with me to get the exact look I wanted on the shoe! Fast production and delivery time as well! I don't wear them all the time, but when I do they always turn heads! Thanks again!

Rising Sun Dunkz 2.0

Ya learn something new evrdyeay. It's true I guess!


Sculpture Circle

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